The Job Search Tips in New Jawatan Kini

Here are some tips on finding Jawatan Kosong in New Jawatan Kini to get the relevant jawatan kosong:

  1. Use the search form above, enter your keywords and your location. Eg: keyword: Pemandu Lori, the city: Melaka
  2. You can just fill in the keywords or the location alone
  3. Enter your keywords properly and with the correct spelling, you no longer need to add the word 'job' or 'jawatan kosong' in front of your keyword
  4. Do not short the city or state, eg KL for Kuala Lumpur
  5. You simply enter the name of the city or state name only, do not need both. Eg: Tawau. No need to Tawau, Sabah

That's a few tips on finding a job in New Jawatan Kini. Good luck and you will get your dream job.